Memories Unwound

Ruby’s first book, Memories Unwound is a collection of free verse poems and prose. Each piece aims to go beyond words and reveal an emotion; love, pain or happiness and by the end of it, the prospect of attaining solace. Ruby uses ‘memories’ as a title to emphasise that it is universally relatable – as readers should find at least one or more pieces that will remind them of a previous experience that they have had, or emotion they have felt, hence becoming a memory that is unwound in this book.
Each piece aims to fuel the realisation of sentiments that fabricate our very being and, by the end of the book, readers are shown the possibility of hope and redemption, closing old chapters and moving on to make new memories.


A Handful of Stars

Ruby’s second book of poetry, A Handful of Stars is a journey of courage and resilience that readers take from falling to healing, realising along the way that the journey is not going to be easy.
Readers learn about the beauty and innocence of falling and they learn that healing is not a destination but a process, and this process can often last a lifetime. The book teaches that a person’s softness is their biggest strength and having a big heart is not always a bad thing, and a glimmer of light can be found even in the darkest places.
A Handful of Stars is raw and unapologetic, soft and kind, reflective and inspirational all at the same time.


My Hope for Tomorrow

Ruby’s third and most awaited book of prose, My Hope for Tomorrow is a book about self-discovery. Through one-two page passages in this 218-page curative book, Ruby takes her readers on a journey from hardship to a haven, from hurting to healing, and from suffering to feeling at ease.
There pieces about love and all the different shades of heartbreak. There are pieces about mental health and acceptance. There are pieces about relationships shared with family, friends and lovers. There are pieces about growth and discovery. There are pieces about grief and sadness.
This book is for anyone who is on the path to self-discovery and would like to mend their broken pieces gently, easily and softly. It is tender to the heart, kind to the soul and food for the mind, but it aims to alleviate all the pain and unease that people all over the world are experiencing.
This book is a balm for the scars within everyone’s hearts, and it is the answer to all the questions that we have ever asked ourselves.


Dear Self

This bitesize self-help book uncovers love, loss, grief, healing, self-discovery and hope through pieces of prose and interactive chapters filled with truth residing at the heart of the human condition. Pieces that have been adored by millions of readers all around the world are bundled together in this tender collection that Ruby has carefully compiled to aid everyone on their healing journey.

In 'Dear Self', Ruby talks about heartache, loneliness and relationships and takes it even further by diving into fear, insecurities, strength, commitments, the power of pain, what self-love/self-worth mean and self-discovery in light of one's healing journey.

This is the most interactive and authentic book Ruby has written so far, with the anticipation that the words within this book will encourage readers to mend their hearts, understand themselves better, engage in self-care and love themselves and those around them without insecurities. This book is for everyone who wants to discover more about themselves, accept their imperfections and take pride in their vulnerabilities.

This book is for everyone who wants to move on and embrace happiness. This book is for everyone who wants to make a positive change in their life but doesn't know where to begin. This book is for you, dear reader. It is for you.

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My Hope for Tomorrow(2nd edition)

This is the second edition of author Ruby Dhal's bestselling book, 'My Hope for Tomorrow'. This book was one that was loved and appreciated by thousands of readers all around the world, a book that healed hearts and shed light on healing and self-love.

With topics such as love, heartbreak, healing, relationships and moving on covered in the original book, it took the world by storm with relatable 1-2 page pieces and life advice that everyone could relate to.

The second edition of 'My Hope for Tomorrow' includes all the invaluable advice and pieces that touched hearts, but also takes it a step further. This edition also includes an Editor's Note, a new cover, brand new aesthetics inside the book and expanded tweaking and perfecting of words that readers have loved and enjoyed for years.

The purpose of this book is to allow each reader to learn more about themselves and become hopeful on their healing journey. Many passages included in this book are already appreciated and loved dearly by readers all over the world.

This book is a balm for the scars within everyone's hearts, and it is the answer to all the questions that we have ever asked ourselves.