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My Hope for Tomorrow(2nd Edition)

My Hope for Tomorrow(2nd Edition)


This is the second edition of author Ruby Dhal's bestselling book, 'My Hope for Tomorrow'. This book was one that was loved and appreciated by thousands of readers all around the world, a book that healed hearts and shed light on healing and self-love.


With topics such as love, heartbreak, healing, relationships and moving on covered in the original book, it took the world by storm with relatable 1-2 page pieces and life advice that everyone could relate to.


The second edition of 'My Hope for Tomorrow' includes all the invaluable advice and pieces that touched hearts, but also takes it a step further. This edition also includes an Editor's Note, a new cover, brand new aesthetics inside the book and expanded tweaking and perfecting of words that readers have loved and enjoyed for years.


The purpose of this book is to allow each reader to learn more about themselves and become hopeful on their healing journey. Many passages included in this book are already appreciated and loved dearly by readers all over the world.

This book is a balm for the scars within everyone's hearts, and it is the answer to all the questions that we have ever asked ourselves.


Important information: 
This book comes in a paperback format as hardback is currently unavailable. 

All orders come with a signed print and a personalized postcard with customer's name on it. Books are posted via standard delivery. International readers should give up to 8 weeks for their books to arrive. If you would like recorded delivery, please contact Ruby separately. 

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