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Black Water
Ruby Dhal

Ruby Dhal is a British-Afghan Sikh poetess and best-selling author of three books with an online readership of over a quarter of a million.

Ruby aspires to be a novelist and an inspirational healer one day by diving into soulful conversations with people on their healing journeys, with the hope to support and encourage them to be stronger in the face of their battles.

“There will be all kinds of days that you take forward with you. The negative ones will break you down and the positive ones will give you life. But at the end of it, it will be up to you which ones you choose to live for.”

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Ruby has featured in various online magazines, documentaries and newspapers. She was only 1 of 7 South Asian Women worldwide to be featured in the Harper’s Bazaar Writer Hotlist of 2017.

Ruby’s Bio

After experiencing her mother’s death at the tender age of 4, Ruby battled with various negative emotions. Growing up, she turned to books as a form of escapism from painful experiences of the real world. Ruby’s love for reading and writing grew over the years, allowing her to understand the healing power of books. 


Ruby attended UCL (University College London) and graduated with an Honours Degree in Philosophy in 2015. In 2017, Ruby graduated from King’s College London with a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Her interest in Philosophical ideas and concepts furthered her dream of becoming a novelist and incorporating what she’d learnt at University in her storytelling.


In January 2016, Ruby created a poetry page on Instagram to heal from a few hurtful experiences she underwent, and within a few months, Ruby’s page gained incredible momentum. 


Ruby has inspired hundreds of thousands of readers all around the world through her healing words. She posts short pieces and videos online daily, allowing her readers to acknowledge, come to terms with, and embrace their emotions on their healing journeys. She has received an unconditional amount of love and support from her readers and this love has allowed all three of her books to top the Hot New Poetry Releases Chart on Amazon within the first day of release.

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