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One-To-One Healing Sessions

I know that I cannot fix what broke you, but just know this – I will always be there for you. So, let me stay with you while you heal, and just trust me.

- Ruby Dhal

Healing sessions are one-to-one sessions where you connect with Ruby and uncover the challenges that you are facing in your life, with the aim to gain invaluable skills that will allow you to overcome what you’re facing now and what you might face in the future.  

These sessions are for anyone who is going through heartbreak, relationship problems, experiencing loneliness or grief, feeling lost, experiencing friendship problems, struggling with their familial relationships, feeling confused about things that concern their existence and self-worth or is experiencing unconditional happiness and would like to share that happiness and joy with someone else. 

We're all on healing journeys. We're trying to find our place in the world while embracing each day and the experiences that day brings as wholeheartedly as we can. But we still struggle, we still experience pain and heartache, but also happiness and love, and it's good to connect with others to speak about those experiences and the lessons hidden beneath them. 

This is where Ruby comes in. 

If you want to connect with someone who will listen, accept and understand your voice, then book a session with Ruby and heal your hearts together. Ruby will provide you the shoulder you always wanted to lean your head on, the ear that you feel never listened to you, and the voice that you needed to hear loud and clear whenever you felt lost or confused. 

Ruby will be the friend who will listen to you, speak to you and understand you. 

Please be informed that if you are diagnosed with a mental or medical condition and have been advised to access therapy/ acquire medicine, then the healing sessions will not be applicable to you. 

Ruby is not a professional therapist or a medical professional. She is the contemporary equivalent of an ‘Agony Aunt’ or a mentor who gives her opinion and provides suggestions in non-formal settings, as a friend would.

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If you would like to connect with Ruby,
then book a healing session below!

Put yourself first. Focus on your mental and emotional wellbeing and do things that help you grow because, believe me, sometimes you are all you have.

- Ruby Dhal

*Disclaimer: By booking a healing session with Ruby, you confirm the following

  • I am in charge of my own well-being and health and the choices that I make prior to, and following, the healing sessions(s). Ruby is only there to provide her opinion and support in a non-biased manner.

  • The healing sessions with Ruby are not a substitute for therapy and are not intended to cure mental or medical diagnoses.

  • I cannot request for a refund if I feel that I did not receive the support/advice that I intended to from the healing session.

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